Feed a Friend

Eat Food + Provide Hope

When you buy a hamburger or sandwich, not only does it feed you, but a portion of the cost goes to cover a day’s worth of food for an orphan in Eswatini and to a homeless shelter kitchen (improved nutrition for an American child growing up in poverty).

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How it Works

Feed a friend process
  • Buy a Burger

    $0.25 (or more) of your purchase goes to charity.

  • Help at Home

    A portion goes to the urban school lunch program.

  • Help Abroad

    A portion feeds one vulnerable child in Eswatini.

  • Bring Lasting Change

    A portion goes to whole life sustainability projects.

Tasty Benefits

Contributing to Feed a Friend has great impact here in the US and beyond.

  • Feeding Children

    Vulnerable Child Care

    Provides a meal for a vulnerable child in Eswatini, Africa.

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    Sustainable Development

    Funds sustainability projects that equip communities to care for their children.

  • Homeless

    Suplimental Support

    Help urban school lunch program in the United States.

Eswatini Rising
Holistic Development for Transformation in Africa

Visit Eswatini Rising Website
  • We envision leaders who tranform their communities through asset-based development and a holistic approach toward poverty.

    Bheki Motsa Country Director

    • Vulnerable Care

      40 locations serving 7,500 meals for children each week.

    • Leadership Development

      Multiple leadership programs for personal transformation.

    • Grief Counseling

      Customized grief counseling courses for orphaned children.

    • Whole Life Sustainability

      Permaculture & small business leadership training, and more.

More Information

The Covid crisis sparked conflict in America and famine in countries around the world. Feed a Friend is a response that brings hope every time you eat a sandwich or burger at participating restaurants and food trucks.